We all have had conversations with people outside of the sewing world, and when we happen to mention McCall’s there is usually some connection, some familiarity, which evokes a fond memory of the brand and how it connects to their own lives. It puts a smile on our faces to know that we have touched so many—the maker and “the made for”—for 150 years, and are still thriving today.


As we move forward into this new decade, we are recognizing our diverse community of passionately creative makers, more than ever before. All of you have shaped and influenced McCall’s fashions through the years. Thanks for loving what we do, and we love what you do with it!

To commemorate our 150th anniversary, we are sharing your all-time favorite McCall's makes & memories with friends & family


Giveaway Winners

Grand Prize - $150, Hannah Olech
1st Prize - $100, Sam @moose_made_minnesota
2nd Prize - $75, Rose Nabors


 Makes & Memories from our Winners 



Grand Prize - Hannah Olech


Shortly after I made this dress, I wore it home to my mother's. My Nana, who lived with my mother at the time, was born in 1942. I walked in and greeted my mother and Nana. My Nana saw me, put one hand over her heart and the other over her mouth, and looked at me, silent. After a moment, she said, her voice breaking, "My mother had a dress just like that...you look so much like her right now, I wish she could see you, she'd be so proud." 

I told my Nana I made the dress with a McCall's Archive Collection pattern, originally a design from 1933. My Nana told me McCall's was her mother's favorite brand, that she had cabinet drawers stuffed full of their patterns. She said my great grandmother started sewing in the early 1920s when she was a teenager, and so my Nana very much believes we made the exact same dress almost a century apart. Though both my Nana and mother are involved in various fiber arts due to the influence of my great grandmother, neither my Nana nor my mother know how to sew, and I taught myself. The whole time I was learning my Nana would gush over how thrilled her mother would be if she could see how much her great granddaughter enjoyed the craft that she used to earn her living, but I had never seen her have such a strong reaction to anything I made before this dress.  

To see the bittersweet smile on my Nana's face, and to hear the emotion in her voice as she recalled a woman so important to her left me smiling all day, and it was all because her mother and I, having never met each other, made the same dress.





1st Prize - Sam (@moose_made_minnesota)


In honor of #McCalls150years here is a photo of one of the many dresses my Grandma Briggs made me through the years.

My Grandma made all of my formals in high school as well as this dress I wore to a college formal. This dress is from McCall's pattern 3156 and she made it in my favorite color. It just so happens to be the same color my bridesmaid dresses were years later. I cherish these formal dresses more than just about anything else I own and I keep them safely tucked away in case my own daughters want to wear them someday. I will forever be grateful for the one of a kind dresses my Grandma created and the extra touches she added to my wedding dress as well.

Now that I dabble in sewing clothes and other things, I understand exactly how much work went into each dress (and how much blood, sweat, and tears). My Grandma possessed a seamstress talent I can only hope to have half of some day. She's been gone almost a year, but I'm lucky to have these beautiful dresses to remember her by.

Thank you @mccallpatterncompany for the patterns that made these dresses and the memories that go with them possible.





2nd  Prize - Rose Nabors 


My Daughters Wedding Dress. She was so pleased and happy that I made her dress.  One of my most prized projects.  I was honored that she chose me to make this for her. To this day, my husband still talks about this dress. She married in 1993 and still happily married.


What's your all-time favorite McCall’s pattern which evokes your best shared memory? Is it a treasured bridal gown passed down to the next generation; a hacked first costume that had you in fits of laughter (or tears!); or your lucky interview suit that you finally donated to charity? We want to hear all of the stories about how McCall’s patterns have touched each of your lives. Keep sharing your makes and memories with us on social.